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TCS Ninja Interview Experience

by Team Impactmillions
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TCS Ninja Interview Experience 1

After the Online National Qualifier Test, interviews were conducted on-campus. My interview went roughly till 30 mins. The first question they asked was to introduced yourself and What is your favourite programming language and why. Further they asked some technical, mangerial and HR questions as mentioned below.

  • Explain SDLC
  • Difference between list and tuple
  • Write code of traverse a tree in DSA
  • Tell me about your minor and major project.
  • Show project code, they also aked why you have selected these projects.
  • What is regression in machine learning as my project was based on machine learning.
  • Write code for reversing an array.
  • Optimise above code and don’t use additional array.
  • Optimise above code to O(N) time complexity.
  • Write SQL queries to find 2nd highest salary
  • Explain different joins.
  • How will you resolve a conflict, which takes place in workplace.
  • Why TCS
  • Why should we hire you
  • Work from home or work from office which is better.

It was a good experience.
Final Verdict: Selected
This interview experience was shared by Ashish (Interview takes place on December 2023).

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