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Difference between sh and bash

by Anup Maurya
1 minutes read

sh and bash are both Unix shell programs, but there are some differences between them are as follows

Bourne Again SHellSHell
Developed by Brain FoxDeveloped by Stephen R. Bourne
Successor of shPredecessor of bash
bash is the default SHELLsh is the not default SHELL
supports job controls.does not support job control.
bash is not a valid POSIX shell.sh is a valid POSIX shell
Bash scripting is scripting specifically for BashShell scripting is scripting in any shell
supports command history.does not support command history.

In summary, sh is the original Unix shell with fewer features, while bash is a more advanced shell that provides additional features and capabilities, and is designed to be a superset of sh.

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