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JavaScript Program to Get Random Item From an Array

by Anup Maurya
12 minutes read

In this article, we will look at how to write a JavaScript program to get random item from an array.

In JavaScript, it is often necessary to randomly select an item from an array. This can be useful in many scenarios, such as generating random quiz questions or picking a winner from a list of contestants.

First, let’s define the problem we want to solve. We have an array of items, and we want to randomly select one of those items. We can accomplish this by generating a random number between 0 and the length of the array, and using that number as the index to retrieve the item.

Here is an example JavaScript program that accomplishes this task:

JavaScript Program to Get Random Item From an Array

function getRandomItemFromArray(array) {
  const randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * array.length);
  return array[randomIndex];

const myArray = ['apple', 'banana', 'orange', 'grape', 'kiwi'];

const randomItem = getRandomItemFromArray(myArray);

Let’s break down this code to understand how it works.

First, we define a function called getRandomItemFromArray that takes an array as its parameter. Inside the function, we generate a random number using the Math.random() function. This function returns a random number between 0 and 1. We then multiply this number by the length of the array using array.length. This gives us a random number between 0 and the length of the array.

We use Math.floor() to round the random number down to the nearest integer. This ensures that the random index we generate will always be a valid index for the array.

Finally, we return the item at the randomly generated index using array[randomIndex].

To test our function, we define an array called myArray that contains some fruits, and then call getRandomItemFromArray with this array as the parameter. We assign the result to a variable called randomItem, and then log this variable to the console.

If you run this code multiple times, you should see a different random fruit printed to the console each time.

In conclusion, generating a random item from an array in JavaScript is a simple task that can be accomplished using the Math.random() function and some basic array manipulation. By using this technique, we can add an element of randomness to our applications and make them more dynamic and engaging.

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